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Accident Benefit Claims


When you get involved in a car accident but no one has been injured, and the damage is minor, it is not always necessary to call the police. In this case of minor accidents, we advise you to exchange all pertinent information with the other drivers and call your insurance company first.

However, in any car crash accident that injuries occurred, the first thing you should think of is to contact a personal injury legal professional before hand. At Ramrod Paralegal, our team will guide you through the necessary steps needed to guarantee you’ll get the right compensation for insurance claims, your assets and most importantly – your health.

In Ontario, if you have been involved in a car accident, and injured as a result of another driver, you can commence a legal action, known as a tort claim. Under a tort claim, you may be entitled to seek compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, future income loss, future medical expenses and out of pocket expenses.

Damages Received For Accidents

  • Compensation for your medical bills and lost wages
  • Compensation for your pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment
  • Damages aimed at punishing the property owner for very severe and offensive violations

It is necessary to provide supportive medical evidence that speaks to the seriousness of your injuries and how your injuries affect your ability to work, perform housekeeping tasks or affect activities of daily living.

Our paralegals at Ramrod Paralegal have settled many cases for clients who have been seriously injured as a result of car accidents. You can make an application to your automobile insurance company for accident benefits. Once you have submitted an application, you may be eligible to receive medical and rehabilitation benefits, income replacement benefits and attendant care benefits.

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