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Landlord & Tenant Law

Landlord-&-Tenant-MattersIs your tenant refusing to pay the rent or troubling you in vacating the rented accommodation? If yes, Ramrod Paralegal is here to assist you. We are a reliable paralegal firm that has successfully represented clients in various landlord and tenant matters. Right from the lease to the warrant of eviction, we prepare precise documents to represent you with an advantage.

For landlords who are dealing with stubborn tenants, our lawyers can assist with two types of actions against the tenants which includes the non-payment of rent and other is remaining in occupancy of a property beyond the authorized term.

  • Non-payment of rent

Non-payment actions are often quickly resolved compared to the other tenant issues. The common means of resolving this problem is to either get the rent paid by the tenant or getting him/her evicted.

  • Holdover proceedings

The second issue often confronted is the tenant refusing to leave the occupancy of a property beyond the authorized term or the expiration of a lease. This can be solved by showing the lease documents at the proceedings.

At Ramrod Paralegal, we represent the tenants and landlords in residential and cooperative sectors. From giving legal advice to formulating the best course of action, we provide assistance at every step of the hearing process and make informed decisions

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