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Social Justice Tribunal Of Ontario

The Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario (SJTO) encompasses a variety of different Tribunals, each acting within their own specialty, and area of law. A proceeding in a Tribunal is less formal, and in many cases, less costly than in a Court proceeding. Tribunals provide a fair and accessible forum for conflict resolution.

The SJTO Tribunals include but are not limited to the following:

  • Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
  • Landlord Tenant Board
  • Social Benefits Tribunal

If you feel that your matter may fall within either of these jurisdictions, please contact Ramrod Paralegal for the right consultation.

Why Opt For SJTO?

In tribunals, the adjudicators have specialized training and knowledge of the Acts and types of disputes applicable to the enabling statute and focus of their tribunal. For example, an adjudicator of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario will have thorough knowledge of the different parts and sections of The Ontario Human Rights Code and will be experienced with the handling of various kinds of disputes that arise in regard to perceived human rights violations.

This mastery of Ontario statutes provides the benefit to plaintiffs and defendants of faster dispute resolution. Tribunal proceedings are usually less expensive than court proceedings as well, and although privative clauses are a blockading factor in attaining judicial review, the case can still be re-heard or appealed if there is a breach of natural justice. Moreover, decisions of a tribunal that do not fall under the breadth of their privative clause are appealable to Divisional Court.

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